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Your systems are connected, but are they secure?

Let us help you make that next step in your IT infrastructure. Small and Medium businesses require the same security and protection as major companies. However, Small or Medium businesses usually lack the onsite experience to accomplish these same standards. Our staff can help evaluate your IT needs and provide the following services:

  • Network Audits to identify your network and the state of its security.
  • Identify areas to increase desktop performance, reliability, and security.
  • Develop a data security plan.
  • Develop company IT Policies.
  • Server Audits to identify risks or issues.

Solutions that meet your business needs!

It's difficult to make sense of all the technology options when it comes to choosing the technology for your business. Digital Fire Team is experienced at providing small business consulting expertise and identifying solutions for your business needs.

We do not sell specific hardware; we provide vendor-agnostic solutions based on your requirements and budget. We also provide solutions using industry best practices. You will receive solutions from industry certified professionals. We take our training and credentials seriously. This means we are qualified to make the recommendations for your company. We can provide a complete turnkey solution including planning, procurement, implementation, and management.

Benefits of using Digital Fire Team for your IT consulting needs:

  • Schedule & Budget — All projects completed on time and within budget.
  • No Unexpected Delays or Expenses — All projects are thoroughly researched and planned for.
  • Our Word is Our Bond — If we say we'll do it, we will do it right; no excuses. Your project will be completed on time, in scope and on budget.