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Step 1: Download the File

Depending on the operating system and web browser combination you use, you may be prompted to either run the file or save it. In this particular example, we are using Windows. The following description may be slightly different if you are using Mac OS X, but the basic procedure is the same.

With your web browser click the button below to begin downloading the Remote Support Software. To make it easy to find you can save it to your Desktop:

Click to Download

Step 1: Click Save/Open to Begin Downloading

Step 2: Run the Application

Next, go to your Desktop, find the file named "TeamViewerQS.exe" that was saved there and double-­click on it to launch it. Accept the security warning that may appear:

Step 2: Click Run to Start Remote Support

Step 3: Provide your ID & Password

The TeamViewer QuickSupport application window will now appear. You will note that towards the bottom of this window there is a green light with the text "Ready to connect (secure connection)" written beside it. This indicates that we are now ready to start a remote support session:

Step 3: Provide your ID and Password to the Support Technician